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Got mine yesterday - a few comments

rob_Il wrote:

I am thinking about getting a t900 to accompany my DSLR (When I want
to travel light) and have a few questions
First, I know that the battery life is poor, so Iif I purchase it, I
am already counting on getting a second battery

I did too.

1) I know it comes with a stylus, is there a place in teh camera to
store this?

No - it clips on the wrist strap. A silly thick piece of plastic - I'll never use it.

2) Since you need to use the scrren for all options, do the
fingerprints become a problem?

A problem? No. Noticeable? Yes.

3) How many pictures do you get per GB?

700 12M per 4GB card

4) How long to charge the battery? (My current W80 takes about 2
hours for a full charge)

I charged both batteries for the first time. Both seemed to take 2-3 hours, but I didn't measure. With 2 batteries, it doesn't matter to me.

5) Does sliding down the lens cover turn on the camera


or do you need
to also click the power button?
6) Can you zoom during video shoots?


7) Can you play videos shot in HD on a std TV if I need to?
8) Owners who have it, would you reccomend purchase it again and do
you also have a DSLR as your main camera/are you using this for days
you want to travel light?

Sure. I have an A900. Will carry this when I travel, in the boat, etc.

Also I seems kindof a waste for it to come with 11mb of memory (at
first I thought it was GB, but MB would hold maybe 1 picture at full
res kindof a waste).

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