Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

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Re: Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

Rob Trueman wrote:

Let me simply tell you
what I do. You can shoot holes in it all you want

Despite the length of some of the responses, particularly mine!, they are essentially describing what you do, eg creating a large volume using muliple disks to store all your images. However there are a couple of points worthy of note, not to shoot holes in but to follow on from.

Since my files are referenced the library remains small and fast.

This is not how Aperture works. The Library is a folder (with a flag set to say it is a bundle). If your files are managed, they are inside this folder, if they are referenced they are elsewhere. By itself this has no effect on Apertures performance.

The library has the same structure, same previews, same thumbnails, same database, same meta data, etc. These are the things that drive most aspects of performance.

Obviously the backup to vault runs very quick because you are not backing up your raw files. And the speed of the volume the raws reside on will affect performance when they are accessed, but this can be faster or slower and is not related to library size.

Since they're on a Drobo, I can lose one drive out of four.

That's good for preventing downtime in case of disk failure but is not a replacement for a real backup (one you can still access if your gear is destroyed or stolen.

I have 350GB stored in the cloud.

That's a good extra backup, but some online services have gone under during The credit crunch, so while it's a great idea and definately worthwhile, it still could turn out to be not a real backup.


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