Which is the best anti-virus program to use – if you want to buy it?

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Re: AVG is not as good though ...

schaki wrote:

I uses Kaspersky anti-virus Simply because it finds most virus,
trojans, etc and are also fast except for demand-scanning.
I've used Nod 32 during a year because i wanted to check if it was
that good as everyone said. When i since reinstalled Kaspersky and
scanned my two partitions, it found 3 virus which Nod32 had missed.

I'm pro Kaspersky, but I bet you would find similar results between using any 2 AV products. This is why after trying just about every AV software around, I now use Kaspersky IS 2009 and also occasionally run an online scanner like Trend Micro's Housecall. Housecall always finds something or other that KIS has either missed or thinks is harmless, but I don't regard this as alarming, more a case of KIS is missing less than any other AV would, and an occasional tidy up is all that's needed.

An online scanner also gives protection against having some real clever so & so hacking my installed AV software so as to render it ineffective in some way.

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