Do any of you have a Sony T900?

Started Apr 22, 2009 | Discussions thread
willysp Regular Member • Posts: 476
A few initial impressions

I've done nothing more than charge the battery and play with it a few minutes...

Love the appearance, fit and finish. Good quality... Very pleased with my purchase.

zachlr wrote:

Build quality
Is it strong and solid, or does it feel cheap and plasticy in the
hands? What is the case made of? Does the cover slider feel like it
is going to break off when it moves? Will it break if it is knocked
on something, or dropped (reasonably).

Feels very strong and solid. Cover is tight.

How do you like the design and shape? Does it fit in a pocket well?
Is it easy to hold? Is the touch screen easy to use, and responsive?
Just something I want to ask/mention, why does it have a power
button? Shouldn't it come on when the cover is opened, and off when
it is closed?

Smaller than I thought. Touch screen very responsive. Haven't seen the power button yet. It does turn on and off when the cover slides.

Video quality
Does it take good video? Is it blurry at all? How does it compare
to similar cameras?

A couple of minutes of video viewed only on the camera screen - looks very good, and it creates the video file quite quickly.

LCD screen
Do images and video look clear and crisp on the screen? Can the
brightness be changed? How easy is it to see in the sun? (My
phone's is next to impossible to see)

Screen looks nice and brighness can be changed, but I haven't done so.

Overall speed
Does it feel laggy or sluggish at all during general use? For
example, power up, picture taking, initiating video, viewing and
playback, applying settings?

Feels fast

Does it come with or have a spot for attaching a strap, so it cannot
be dropped?

Comes with strap attached.

Does it seem like a good camera for the price? Is it a rip off?
Would you recommend a different camera? Do you think I should wait a
few months to see if the price drops?

It's worth the $ to me.

Overall thoughts
Anything you would like to add?

Great first impression.

The Sony LCS-THP case fits like a glove - highly recommended.

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