Missing Glass: Wide Angle Lens

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Re: Missing Glass: Wide Angle Lens

winparkman wrote:

As this is about the 947th thread like this, I wonder what you intend
to shoot. The Sigma is an excellent landscape lens but it isn't a
very good architectural lens.

There's a great bit of software called 'PTLens' which works a treat for correcting lens distortion. It even irons out the complex 'W' shaped distortion that the Sigma produces at the wide end.

I use my Sigma 10-20 all the time for architectural shots in conjunction with this software. (I'm an architect by the way)

Here's an architectural photo which is about as difficult as it gets in terms of perspective and distortion correction - all handled effortlessly by PTLens:

http://ianbramham.com/ (Print Sales)
http://ianbramham.aminus3.com/ (Photoblog)

Ohh and here's the same photo published in a specialist construction magazine:

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