Anyone using a Sigma 18 - 125

Started Apr 22, 2009 | Discussions thread
DS_Dave Senior Member • Posts: 2,261
It is a gem!

I have this lense and in all honesty it is great - I use it most of the time. Very sharp, especially considering the zoom range. It showed a massive improvement in detail resolution on my K20D compared to my trusty DS, which just goes to show how good this lense is. I could not see any real difference in detail resolution between the 18-125 and my A 50/1.4 when I compared them at f/5.6 either...

It has some funky distortion at wider focal lengths (naturally), but this is VERY easily removed using PTLens (either plug in or stand alone app, and cheap for what it does). There is significant vignetting (esp with a filter on it) at wider focal lengths to, which I find actually hard to remove in ACR, but it can be done

As Thommo says, yes f/5.6 is slow at the long end, but what are ya gunna do

Easily my most used lense.



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