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Re: Bob or anyone, what does FPS have to do with equine photography?


Evidently we are contemporaries. I hover ringside 12 hours straight day in and day out for my health and the money; it is a pleasure to meet you. And by far cross rails, short and long stirrup are the most challenging classes. Am I to assume you mainly shoot Hunter / Jumper and Eventing? I work freelance and the bulk of my work is Hunter / Jumper but I need variety so I schedule as many different disciplines (Paso Fino, Driving, Dressage, and Eventing) through the year as time permits. Here in the southeastern part of the States the show schedule runs year round which is great for the pocketbook but it is nice to have a weekend or two off once or twice a year. So being we parallel one another, both do this for financial gain, both work for / with outfits that sell prints, large / small being used for the same purposes you’ve listed…I’ve again got to ask what do y’all do with the excessive amounts of unsellable images left over from, “Burst shooting”? And I need to correct one point concerning the first sentence of your last paragraph. “A note about burst shooting. You say every photographer you have known has used one calculated shutter action!” I said that every photograph in my portfolio is taken one shutter actuation at a time…not every photographer I know. I can say every photography company I work for also does equestrian photography one shutter actuation at a time. While shooting the Hampton Classic in NY last year another company was there and they did the burst method, please do not be offended, they did it because they lacked the sufficient talent to do it any other way. I became close with some of their part time female photographers and even they called their Bosses insisted method of burst shooting, “Clown Shoes”. How does the outfit you work with store all of the excessive amounts of burst images that do not sell? I know shooting one shot at a time occupies huge amounts of storage but constant burst shooting must occupy terabytes upon terabytes of space…yes?

Where can I see more of y’all’s work?

Thanks, Tom

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