ZS3/TZ7 vs. SX200 vs. TZ5 - You Decide

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Re: ZS3/TZ7 vs. SX200 vs. TZ5 - You Decide

IQ is very good, probably as good or better than TZ5 but I just noticed the shutter lag is consider slower than the TZ5.

Ekimzulad wrote:

Imaging Resource has now posted ZS3/TZ7 sample photos that you can
directly compare to other cams, like the SX200 or TZ5.

Go here http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM

Take a look at the "Still Life" shots taken at various ISOs. Make
sure to view them at 100%. They make it extremely easy to compare
them to side by side to another model.

I have the TZ5 and was looking at moving up to the ZS3 for the wide
angle and especially better video sound. But I didn't want to go
down in image quality. To my eyes I think the ZS3 shots look better
than both the TZ5 or SX200. One should keep in mind though that the
still life shots are not taken at extreme wide angle (or extreme
telephoto), so that variable (different focal lengths) might tell a
slightly different story.

But enough of what I think. What do YOU think of these shots?

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