Missing Glass: Wide Angle Lens

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Re: Missing Glass: Wide Angle Lens

faxmachineAnthem wrote:

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of ultra-wide options for DX
cameras. I think the options are the Sigma 10-20, the Tokina 12-24
(believe there are now two very similar versions of this), the Nikon
12-24 and the soon to be released Nikon 10-24. I think you can get
the Sigma used for about $400. The Nikons retail for about $900. I
wish Nikon would make something like a 12mm DX prime in the mold of
the recent 35mm 1.8 AFS (aka cheap).

I'm with you on the desire for a 12mm or 14mm, rectilinear prime. For now, my 10.5 with Hemi de-fishing software is a nice alternative. Although in retrospect, I kind of wish I tried the 16mm first. Like th 10.5, because it's a fish, it has a much wider field of view than a rectilinear of the same focal length (I think the 16mm fish worked out to around a 12mm rectilinear) but because it's an FX lens, DX would only use the center portion which will have less distortion.


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