Famous squirrel quotes ....

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Re: Famous as they well should be!

busch wrote:

BG, every time I think you have reached the apex, you prove you have
only begun! Now I can go have breakfast with a big smile on my face!

My daughter and I have often discussed how much your photos and
stories remind us of a small series of childrens books that I use to
read to her before she went to sleep. They were about Basil, Dewey
and Willie (two badgers and a mole). She still has these after about
45 years and they are highly treasured in her huge book collection
and we still enjoy looking at them together when I go to visit her.

Your photos and stories are every bit as good or better and certainly
belong in the hands of children (and all who haven't grown up yet)!

Well thanks very much Busch - Thats quite a complement!! I'll have to think that one over - LOL I will need some way to pay for all those future peanuts!!

Feel free to disagree with me any time as long as you can do it politely!!

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