Famous squirrel quotes ....

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Re: Well BG.....

ER_ Wizard wrote:

If you only knew, the fan club in SA is growing to include my son and
his girlfriend...they catch up on the episodes. Claire, being a real
'girl' loved the blue eyes and the eyelashes.

My favourites in this poetic group #1 - #11.

Cheers & LOL,

May the Focus be with you

Thanks for the fan club Jill !! Then two squirrels you picked out are also two that actually like sunflower seeds more than than peanuts!! They actually got into and emptied the sunflower seeds while I was busy taking pictures of some of their cute little friends!! LOL Wonder if posing so cutely was just a distraction tactic??

Feel free to disagree with me any time as long as you can do it politely!!

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