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Re: Famous squirrel quotes ....

AnuragP wrote:

B Gavin wrote:

Shot (should I use that word around squirrels???) with a Sony F828
and a Metz 40 MZ-3i. Most were taken at ground level and at about
100mm (35mm equivalent). I thought I'd need a tele-converter when I
started this - but it turns out I have a different problem. Those
pesty little guys insist on climbing up my leg and coming so close
that the camera can't focus and the flash can't meter properly on

Maybe they like the guy they see with one large strange looking eye?
Edit: Ok, I realize this is malformed, and funnier than it ought to
be (at my cost!)
Suggestions on rephrasing most welcome!

One excellent quality photo essay, with a lot of fun and wisdom (some
of which escaped me). Did you ever consider starting a photoblog?
I'll subscribe to your feed and there will be more


Hi AP! Thanks very much for that complement - I'll seriously think it over!!

Feel free to disagree with me any time as long as you can do it politely!!

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