Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

Started Apr 21, 2009 | Discussions thread
Gordon J Smith Contributing Member • Posts: 791
Re: Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!


I'm not saying that an FW 400 drive cannot handle a Library -- it definitely can.

For my purposes, though, it's not enough. All my image files are raw, and most are in the 20-30 Mb range. I have a pretty hefty preview size setting. I do a lot of event shooting, too, so i'm often dealing with 30 to 50K images at anyone time.

And I'm pretty impatient.

So for me, an eSata array, using 3Gps drives, is pretty much mandatory -- it is quite a bit faster than FW 400, USB-2, and even FW800. You can get an eSata ExpressCard for about 50$ too, so you get max speed and keep your FW 400 and 800 ports open for other uses (like card readers).

If your needs are not similar to mine, FW 400 is fine. The only interface I would definitely avoid for an external Library is USB2--I have some of those drives and have had all sorts of problems with them that I haven't had with FW400 drives.


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