DXO Problem with A700 V4

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DXO Problem with A700 V4

So after some posting yesterday I installed the demo of DXO last night and started working with it.

Interetingly enough using it to process A700 V3 ISO 4000 files I was very very impressed but I was looking at how it controlled the noise. With the DXO over the Sony Low NR.. it cleaned up the noise but kept some very subtle details I had seen other systems smooth out.


I went to my baseline test set for V4 to look at how it preserved details etc as you did noise processing..
[You can find the V3 vs V4 test folders with raw and camere JPGS here:
http://cid-2acc60bd40304410.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Photos ]

I found something that bothers me and I was wondering if others had seen this or knew of a work around.

One of the complaints for Lightroom was that there is BASE NR we could not turn off or selected that eats detail.

I think I have found this in DXO also and ironically it was their own compare tool that showed me they are enforing some detail eating NR that can not be turned off in the processed JPG output.

The next image is a screen capture. It is almost 400K ...

I have confirmed that the image on the right is what the processed image looks like so this is not an issue with a fast rendering etc.

See next message for image and my comments.

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