Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

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Re: Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

Time Machine is an excellent backup solution both for Aperture Libraries, iPhoto Libraries and files on the file system. Not sure how Vaults work with referenced files. Shouldn't matter though how you reference them, in iPhoto or on the File system.

The most flexible solution that I suggested (iPhoto Libraries inside Disk Image files) is the one that I see requires the least amount or maintenance.

The reference path from Aperture to the iPhoto Library never changes regardless of where you move the disk images.

You have two backup options.

  • Backup the whole image file. Takes longer and it's all or nothing

  • Incremental backup of the content of the mounted disk image.

Time Machine is better for the second option. For the disk image backup you can use any backup tool or a cloning tool like Super Duper or CCC. Let them clone the physical drive with the un-mounted disk images.

I wouldn't worry too much about growing libraries and if/how Apple is going to deal with it. These guys live in the same world as we do and know how digital archives are growing. Rest assured that they think of this.

earthairfire wrote:

Thanks for your thoughts Mikael. My only concern with that approach
is file management and backups. Assuming I want to back up my
referenced images do vaults do this? I assume not. Are there any
other good options for incremental backups of referenced files?



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