Do cropped sensors help telephoto lenses?

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Re: It's like digital zoom

I would hope the 5D Mk2 is a little better for the money spent. Although I never experienced the banding (but never shot above ISO 3200 either).

Anyway looks like I get the last say on all of this at post 150.

A 20D has 6.4 µm pixels with a pixel density (PD) of 2.4MP/cm2 (the 5DMk2 does as well). The 50D is the PD champion in the Canon DSLRs with 4.5 MP/cm² (pixel size 4.7 µm ) - but also comes at a price of diffraction limits at f/7. I did a comparison of the 20D, 1DMk2, 50D and 5D (which is a mere 1.5MP/cm2) that can be found at . This was not a pixel density test per se – but instead was a test to determine which was better for birding with same lens and same distance from subject.

The 50D won hands down and the 20D came in 2nd place. Another good comparison of the 20D, 1 D Mk2 (1.5 MP/cm2) and a 1Ds Mk2 (1.9 MP/cm2) can be found at .

Some would say its all pixel density and nothing else. However, if that were the case then bird shooters should be buying the Panasonic Lumix with 18X zoom – which has a whopping PD of 36MP/cm2 – 8 times greater PD than the 50D.

Enough on this subject.

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