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Re: k7d?

MatthijsNL wrote:
On a Dutch forum I read about an upcoming Pentax K7D, (...)
Having read about that, of course I turned to this forum to read
about the latest speculations and rumours, and got surprised to see
that there weren't any posts about such a model, ...

True, this forum is extremely calm regarding the rumours about the new body. Just one main thread with around 120 posts, compared to the other forum where the comparable thread is closing in on 700 posts - leaving alone a German forum where they are almost at post #2,000 right now...

So, this is what they say elsewhere:

  • Name: K7 (with or without "D")

  • Size: slightly smaller than K20D

  • Shape: peculiar, rectangular prism housing

  • Official announcement: during last 10 days of May

  • Delivery: end of June, beginning of July

  • Pricing: around 1,500 € (probably somewhat less)

All of the above seems already to be pretty solid information. Much less solid, but perhaps already quite close to the truth, are the rumoured specs:

  • Same sensor as the K20D

  • Up to 6400 ISO with better noise treatment

  • 5 images/sec

  • 100 % viewfinder

  • Better weatherproofing

  • Mirror lockup

  • Liveview and HD Video

  • Better stabilizer .

  • Better DRE mode

  • 77 zones light metering

  • Much better AF system even with non-SDM lenses

  • 3 inches/ 920 000 pixels screen with in-body editing (crop...)

  • 1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync

Whether the new camera will be (partly) made of metal was hinted, but not yet further substantiated.


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