Is surface blur ultra slow in CS4

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Re: Andrew

Steve Bingham wrote:

Where your samples from fresh tiffs (newly converted), or older jpgs?

RAW files. The H3D doesn't even shoot jpgs...

Interestingly most posterization complaints I have seen do NOT come from older cameras. It came from cameras like the 5D that were so clean at low ISO that 8bit jpgs could show posterization. Add in some vignetting of backgrounds and the chances of seeing it was higher. No matter how good the camera is if you are stuck with an 8bit file you have a limited number of tones.

Years ago I remember seeing this sort of posterizarion, but that was
on older jpg files from much older cameras. In any case, as you can
see from either of my web sites, I push pretty hard with PP - and
have yet to run into this problem. And you are correct, it can be
there. What I have discovered is that once I have done most of the
tone work, I have no problem in converting to 8 bit and throwing on a
filter or two (especially as some filters only work with 8 bit).

Do you usually use smart blur? Yes it better if any tonal adjustments are made first.

You will have the same posterization (in terms of discret numbers of tones) but you will not be making it obvious by making each step between tones a large jump.
As an aside, its even worse if you convert to black and white first.


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