Rumored m4/3rds lens announcement 4/19 by Olympus & lens discussion

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Re: Olympus carrot versus Sigma DP2 price?

Ah, I understand.

It seems like a number of people are predicting that EVILs will supplant dSLRs in general. This might happen at some point, but I don't believe it's in the perceivable future. The technology and support just isn't there quite yet.

amalric wrote:

I am still considering it, for when it won't be such an expensive

What I don't like Is the attitude of some who prophesied already a
few months ago the demise of 4/3 as an inferior system.

They are still around, and they still have not understood the
limitations (i.e. in the Panny G1 and its lenses), but complain
instead that Olympus will not listen to them in the making of their
new camera.

I think that Oly knows better, having a longer photographic
experience. So it's good to remind them that 4/3 is not as inferior
as it should be

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