Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

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Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

Hi all,

I've googled this quite a bit but haven't found what seems like a great option for managing a large Aperture Library. Currently I have 1 library with circa 50,000 shots in it. Over time, this will get bigger and bigger. At some point my HDD will be full (quickly given 5DII file sizes!). I see my options at this point are as follows:

1) Migrate library onto larger drive (and wait until this is a problem again)

2) Move old pictures to referenced, not managed files, and put on different disk.

3) Start using multiple libraries on different disks.

4) Use a disk spanning utility and keep one library.

Option 1 seems to be a short term solution only

Option 2 seems to be a logistical nightmare for keeping track of and backing up data

Option 3 seems possibly the best solution? Aperture can't use more than 1 library at a time though, which is annoying.

Option 4 seems to be a bit of a timebomb - I've read a few horror stories about things going wrong here.

How do you manage this issue? I look years into the future and see a 5TB Library with hundreds of thousands of images, and figure I should get a workflow sorted sooner rather than later.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts / suggestions,

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