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A couple of attempts.

I tried several and like the effect but not the result. But I kept trying.

I have a couple now that I do like.

This first one is using DAP Illustrator, but I like the next one better

Using the above as a bottom layer, I also ran the same (original) image through topaz, increasing the detail and applying the psychedelic filter to make the colours more like Illustrator. Made the topaz version the top layer and decreased the opacity to 34%.

On this image, this is completely a topaz version so you kinda see the original pic

Here, I ran the Illustrator effect and then stopped it. Then started up the Benson effect and ran it. Being able to click and hold on areas that need more attention is very useful. The Benson affect added a bit of punch to the otherwise plain illustrator version.

This is the illustrator version before adding Benson.

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