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Thanks guys. We can all agree on this idea most of the time. As always there are so many people who put a few cameras on the board and want us to pick for them. There's really no rhyme or reason for that. If a person has been looking that this forum for a month and reading all the "which camera" posts that come out several times a week, they already should know the pros and cons of the various models. They already know they need to go physically try them. They already know to look a etc. ad-nausium.

I think that people often are just window shopping for the fun of it, and I really understand that. Aquisition is a fun thing for guys to do with their toys. Moreover, if you can't afford it, it's still fun to talk about it. The problem is that answering gets tedious after a while. I also think that some of the folks who post these type of posts aren't knowledgeable enough yet to post questions that would actually help them in their pursuit of a new camera. Furthermore, I think that many really don't want to pursue the hobby of photography so much as getting a new toy in these iPod times. I can't wait for some entry level camera to include a MP3 player to go with the other Gee-Whiz features.

Modern point and shoots can really produce some stunning imagery if the photographer wants to try. You reach limitations really fast, but I bet that most haven't hit limitations when they dream or decide to upgrade. Many have no clue what an f-stop is or what a focal plane is. They've never tried to use the rule of thirds. In fact, they have never heard of it. Rembrant lighting is the little light over the picture frame. I'm not putting them down. I really am not, nor trying to be arrogant. I just think they need better guidance on the direction to take before asking these kinds of questions.

Sorry, time to get off the soap box. No offence intended toward anyone or any camera brand in this post.
Cheers, Craig

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