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Re: Firstly,

Bootstrap wrote:

My post was addressed to "trooplewis" and not to you so I don't
understand why you bothered to reply but have some suspicions.

You are correct. However, as I pointed out, I don't even know how you can even try to call me on this since my original post, which was addressed to the OP, made you reply to mine. How do you reconciliate this?

I clearly stated that I don't really care if you choose to shoot raw
[it's not an acronym and should be lower case], or not as it will, in
no way affect my photograpic pursuits.

I am glad because we agree on that.

As to band*ing [sic] the raw drum, I simply stated my thoughts and
experiences and why, oh why, do you occasionally shoot RAW [sic]?
Perhaps for exactly the reasons I've stated?
If you're happy with your JPEG [an acronym] output, so be it and,
please, continue to do so but please refrain from attacking anyone
who disagrees with you and your teacher.

I am not "atatcking" anyone here Bill, that shoots RAW. That's probably part of the problem. Somehow someone who shoots JPEG apparently seems like a threat to a few of the RAW shooters. This is all about replying to what the OP said. And sorry, it was very condescending. Note that this is not, and never was, about a "RAW/JPEG" preference, but the preaching that somehow, if you don't choose raw, you are not doing something right, or taking your photography to a next level or such nonsense.

And moreover, in the very post you replied to me, the very first I made in this thread, you were utterly condescending. Trooplewis also pointed it out to you, and now you are talking about "oh this is about you talking about shooting JPEG vs RAW isn't it?" - no, it isn't about that. Never was.

As I stated to Bill Lewis in the post you seem to have hijacked, when
I saw his photos that were shown on his news program, I couldn't have
cared less if they were shot as ORF [an acronym] or JPEGs. I was
pleased for him getting recognition.

That's great, but that shows what the problem is- what Trooplewis and I are talking about is not about RAW vs JPEG but about attitude . And no, I am not trying to convince anyone to stop shooting RAW (which is, mind you, what the OP said).

This raw vs. JPEG conflict is somewhat ludicrous and it's with posts
like yours that this conflict continues.

Oh, this is friking comedy now. I am sorry but look at what you started writing in this very reply - why did I reply to you when you were addressing Trooplewis. But somehow it never strikes you as remotely odd you replied to me when I was replying to the OP?

Regardless of what you say, I'll continue to shoot in the raw format
as it works, for me.

And what on Earth made you think, even remotely so, that I am trying to convince you of otherwise Bill? This is the problem, right here. This is the misunderstanding. Or are you just really that insecure?

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