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Re: trooplewis,

Bootstrap wrote:

trooplewis wrote:

You don't understand why he is upset? Does the work condescending
mean anything to you? "You choose not to use the available tools" "I
was a jpeg holdout for a long time" (what, until you saw the light?)

I began shooting raw when an appropriate raw developer was produced
for the cameras I was shooting at the time. I prefer having control
of my photos in the digital darkroom and that's my personal
preference. You're reading too much into what I wrote.

But he's right. You are being condescending. In fact, in pointing out what you pointed to point out, you went in and had to band the RAW drum on a subject that at that point didn't have to deal with that anymore. Not only that, you said I choose not to use all the available tools (false, since I still shoot RAW on occasion, and I have said this many times also- but you ignored it), and in the context, yes, what you wrote has a taste of exactly what he said. I agree with him.

That's how most of these threads go: the RAW guys think they are the
pros and that the jpeg guys are still uninformed rookies.

I, personally, don't feel that way.

I personally do not care what tools you choose to use or not use.

I was not responding to you so if you really don't care, why bother

For the same reason maybe you replied to me, to a post that wasn't addressed to you? Why did you bother replying to me, Bill? How do you re conciliate doing that, and then trying to tell him and ask why does he care to reply to you? Maybe because the attitude you were giving me also talks to someone else who doesn't shoot RAW? Or maybe he simply found interesting the fact you even chose to write what you wrote to me in a reply?

If I ever retire (unlikely) and have a couple extra hours in my day,
I might read a couple of books on RAW processing and spend some time
at it. Maybe I'm just not very good at it, because every photo I like
in RAW I like the jpeg just as much. Ones I don't like, I don't like
in either. ALso, I choose to try hard to NOT make my photos look like
they have been worked over.

I've found that raw developing is not any more time consuming than
tweaking JPEGs in the editor of your choice. As to overworked
photos: Guilty! I typically push the tools I use,that you don't care
about, to their limits as a learning excersize. I'd guess that more
than 90% of my photos are not overcooked.

Just my preference.

And that's all that counts. I'm not pushing raw processing on
anyone; it's just my preference and I'm as free as you are to share
my thoughts.

But apparently I can't share mine. He isn't even saying you can't share yours.

I think what ignites the jpeg folks who post is just a generally
holier-than-thou attitude that you have not arrived unless you
process RAW photos.

Well, I don't feel that way at all. I have not had any of my photos
featured on a news program as you have and I thought that you did
very well. At the time that ran, I really couldn't have cared less
whether the photos you shot were JPEGs or ORFs. It really didn't
make any difference.

But that doesn't change his post. He's right. It's usually a general holier than thou attitude by many who post the stuff that the OP posted. There's clearly a set of self appointed 'RAw shooters' that to this.

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