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RAW is great saver

Month ago my father was on skiing holiday. He hasn't really used anything else than film cameras and I gave him my second KonicaMinolta A2 (waiting for that real m4/3 body from Oly) and knowing often very hard lightning conditions of snowy landscape showed him how exposure correction works and how it's best used in combination with live preview.

Now you probably already guessed that instead of using exposure correction correctly he had it permanently on over exposure and sometimes overeposed still further for some unknown reason.

When you combine that with snowy ground consequencies aren't hard to guess: When looking JPEG thumbnails in camera fair one third looked seriously overexposed with 20% being just horrible. But after going through RAWs I concluded that only 10% of images were "hopeless".

So for your own piece of mind set camera to RAW if you're giving camera to someone going to vacation or when you know you have to work with images taken by him/her.

Also even without additional dynamic range that lot higher accuracy of at least 4096 (for 12bits, every extra bit doubles number) different luminance values compared to that same crammed into 256 values of 8-bits helps.

'The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.'
-George Bernard Shaw

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