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Re: So anybody got some good results to post? OK - here's one

Many of the settings are designed to emulate impressionist painters; Monet, Cezanne, Benson, etc, but there are settings for Watercolor, Wet on wet, pastels, illustrator, chalk, etc.. Hopefully, they will continue to develop the software to include settings designed to emulate other more traditional painting effects.

I think that it is an interesting piece of software, but one that needs further work. For instance, I think a "Pause" button would come in handy, as would facilities for cropping, setting desired output size, ability to select brush shape manually (even the use of photoshop brushes), ability to select additional textures, etc..

The output from this software could be used to create interesting effects when used in conjunction with other photoshop filter effects through layer blending...perhaps the Impressionist plugin.

I will continue to play around with the trial version of DAP and try to decide if I feel that it is worth the cost to me. At this point I am not at all sure that it is.

In my opinion, it is best to normally check the continuous brushstrokes box and let the program run until you have achieved what you feel is a satisfactory result, then to hit the Stop button and save the result.

Here is an example of one image which I ran through the Benson setting.


DAP Version:

Screenshot of Settings Panel:

Note, this is not my image, reather it is a stock photo that I found somewhere on the internet a few years back.



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