Please start using RAW

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What I find really stupid....

Is the statements made by the likes of you who think that:

  • people who shoot JPEG don't know what they are doing

  • people who shoot JPEG don't have valid reasons to NOT develop RAW files

  • a batch file at default settings in a RAW converter will outdo the JPEG engine (not necessarily at all with Fuji or Olympus, unless your use their company stuff). Yes, I have tried this myself. With several raw converters.

  • that for many domains there's a discernible difference. I know this first hand, I was shooting some portraits of an actor model and I started in RAW. The 2nd session was done in JPEG. Why? The Olympus JPEG engine was pretty much giving me what I was getting in RAW with pretty much no difference.

Oh and if you remotely like a company's signature JPEG (like Olympus which seems to do for Kodak film type color) or Fuji (which goes for their own film) you can kiss that goodbye if you use any raw converter other than the Company that makes the camera. Even with profiles for LR.

But never mind, this is all stupid TO YOU. Go ahead and tell that to a working professional with a real photography portfolio who uses JPEG.

glitched wrote:

I find it silly/stupid to see people with DSLRs who use JPEG mode...
"I could have great quality, but I'll stick with this lesser
version." Even if you don't like RAW, you could always develop them
at the default settings in a RAW converter. That will net you better
quality by default since a computer's converting capabilities will
easily outdo a camera.

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