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Guy Parsons
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Next time

Elia Vecellio wrote:

Maybe try the same test "at infinity", that is a city scene or
landscape. Maybe not literally infinity, but objects 20+ metres away?
Just out of curiosity. I know that when my subject is close, I need
to use much faster shutter speeds than when my subject is far away.

The more complete test will include "infinity" and also macro as well as "normal" subject distances. Probably will set up manual focus and be careful about camera position just to remove one variable.

But my tests so far (one batch at maybe 10 metres and the other at about 3 metres) seemed to indicate that the distance change didn't matter. This time I used a mix of on-screen FastStone viewing and also the easier and better on LCD viewing at 8x or 16x to check details.

In night-time situations I can usually get usable results down to 1/2
second with my LX3. I use the burst mode and find usually one of the
3 images will be good. This is miles better than I could achieve on
any non OIS camera I have owned. This is just to say I like the
Panasonic OIS. I havent used sensor-based OIS cameras enough to make
a comparison.

I can achieve same sorts of slow shots (down to maybe 1 second) at wide on both the LX3 and sensor based Casio and Ricoh cameras. I never seem to use burst though, just maybe up to five deliberate shots when I think the time is right. Sensor and lens types yield the same result as far as I can see. But in Olympus DSLR world the sensor based type allows foreign manual lenses to also have stabilisation, so I like the idea of sensor based anti-shake.

Just for fun, here's the back of a Ricoh sensor and the sensor can be moved maybe a bit over 1mm each direction.

The Panasonic OIS in action is shown quite well in a video on the Pany site... darn, can't find the video right now but here's the usual page about OIS... http://www2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/MegaOISExplained?storeId=15001

Aha! Found the video.. http://panasonic.net/avc/lumix/popup/3minute_guide/index2.html

Interesting that they say Mode 2 works better than Mode 1, I think I use Auto so should change to Mode 2.

Regards.......... Guy

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