Please start using RAW

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Re: Please start using RAW

Garrett_P wrote:

Anyway, I hope this message convinces a few others out there to drop
the jpg's and try their hand a RAW files.


To be honest, I have always shot RAW with my Powershot G2 simply because RAW extended the dynamic range by magnitudes. However, with the E-420 I have tried and I could not find a noticable advantage compared to the Oly JPEG engine. I always store JPEG & RAW, but I hardly ever fall back on the RAW version. Most times I tried highlight recovery it did not bring anything significant to the table, whilst it is very difficult to mimick the "Oly colours" provided by the Oly JPEG engine. The only reason I resort to DCRaw at times is that it yields about 80 pixels more either side which is helpful when rotating the picture in order to fix the horizon.

I appreciate if other people get more out of using RAW, but for me it far more valuable to pay attention to the right exposure (and camera tilt!!!) at the time of taking the picture.


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