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Re: Thanks for understanding and to clarify a tiny bit...

I agree with Raist3d's posts, one should shoot what works for that person. I don't think you realize how you're coming across. You said

If shooting a RAW image makes your photos better, you've taken
them to the next level.

How does shooting RAW make my photos better and take them to the next level? What is the next level? That one can fix things easier during PP?

As a beginner, I am concentrating on making improvements in my decisions before I press the shutter so that I don't have to make adjustments/corrections in PP. That to me is the next level and has nothing to do with the format my photos are saved in.

Garrett_P wrote:

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Ok, this is positively my last reply on this subject. I have tried
to be very clear from the start, but I guess I've missed the mark, a
bit. I just want people who have not tried shooting RAW to give it a


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