G1 canon DOF

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G1 canon DOF

Hi All,

I have now received my Canon FD M4/3 adapter & Also a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. for my red G1 ( love the way this color puts people at ease, as they do not think it is a serious camera- wrong!!)

The adapter from Ebay - Jin finance works perfectly and I am very happy with it.

I was never a film photographer and have owned Kodak DC6490 P880 & Panasonic FZ50 I toyed with aperture priority with these cameras but could not really differentiate DOF differences & how I could use this to advantage as my photography develops.

Here are some examples from the canon & kit 14-45 lens

Firstly the kit 14mm f3.5

Kit 14mm f22

kit at 45mm f5.6

kit at 45mm f22

I then loaded up the canon lens set the menu to shoot without lens to on mode.
Now the canon 50mm f1.8 FD lens
canon f1.8

canon f5.6

canon f22

These are not fantastic shots as I am still coming to grips with manual focusing.

but I do feel that demonstrate the impact of aperture on DOF and the impact on focusing the eye of the observer on the subject area that the photographer intended. Be this in a general photo or a portrait.

This combination makes you think more about each shot as you have to overcome the limitations of the technology, the result is greater understanding of ther process.

I hope this is informative for those looking at the G! and its capacity from the "outside".

If you do jump I am sure you will agree the water is fine.


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