Nikon support going down the drain....(nx 2.2)

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Nikon support going down the drain....(nx 2.2)

I've been trying to figure out why my copy of NX 2.2 wont run on my computer, and after coming up with no solutions I opened a ticked yesterday with Nikon USA support.

After posting system log files and a screen capture of the splash screen with applications menu that has stuff like "@applicationmenu..." I got this response:

Hello !

Thank you very much for your response, but unfortunately we are not supporting still that O.S Version for Macintosh, we still are working on a satisfactory fix .
Thank you .

Off the top I'm on a quad core mac pro running OS X 10.5.6 with 16gb of ram and this is the only application that wont run on my system.

I just got one thing to say... W T F with a big, thick "!" and the end. Yeah, I'm ticked off. Not only the phone support is outsourced (yeah I called) judging from my e-mail conversations I'd say their e-mail tech support is outsourced as well.

Since I can't get Nikon to help me fix their own buggy, slow, piece of BS code they call NX, I hope there's someone who can help me here. I tried everything that I could think of: clean prefs libs, remove all nikon software, new account, clean cashes, permissions.
When I run NX i get this in my system log file:

Apr 16 21:53:33 Macintosh Capture NX 2[6282]: Assertion failure in -[NSMenu setSubmenu:forItem:], SourceCache/AppKit/AppKit-949.43/Menus.subproj/NSMenu.m:710

Apr 16 21:53:33 Macintosh Capture NX 2[6282]: Exception raised during posting of notification. Ignored. exception: 'Invalid parameter not satisfying: anItem != nil' invoked observer method: ' -[ApplicationManager applicationDidFinishLaunching:]' observer: 0x1439c60 notification name: 'NSApplicationDidFinishLaunchingNotification'

Apr 16 21:55:27 Macintosh [0x0-0x302302] 2[6282]: can't open dl Applications/Nikon Software/Capture NX 2/Capture NX (dlopen( Applications/Nikon Software/Capture NX 2/Capture NX, 5): image not found)

It just hangs on the splash screen. I get the NX 2 menu on top, but when I click on, for example, "file" I get things like "> instead of "Open", "save" etc.

I got thousands of dollars worth of Nikon equipment, and if THIS is the future of Nikon, where we pretty much get NO support I'm starting to question my next gear purchase. If Nikon thinks they'll keep customers because of their name, they're in big trouble.

I'd appreciate any help, suggestions.....anything.

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