Focus Blending Software?

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Closer Look at CombineZP

Here are 100% crops of all six CombineZP methods and SAR's Extended DOF 2 showing problem areas:

1. rectangle_New-Out99999-DoStack[1,0,1]Crop.JPG:

2. rectangle_New-Out99998-DoSoftStack[1,0,1]Crop.JPG:

3. rectangle_New-Out99996-DoWeightedAverage[1,0,1]Crop.JPG:

4. rectangle_New-Out99995-PyramidWeightedAverage[1,0,1]Crop.JPG:

5. rectangle_New-Out99994-PyramidDoStack[1,0,1]Crop.JPG:

6. rectangle_New-Out99993-PyramoidMaximumContrast[1,0,1]Crop.JPG

7. SAR's Extended DOF 2:

Regarding leakage of white lettering from backgroung into blue foreground only 5 is worse than 7. But, 7 shows the most detail and least artifacts of any in the dark background close to blue foreground.

chuxter wrote:

I'm not sure where to put this, but there are a couple of new focus
blending software products out there...

There appear to be 3 choices: Helicon Focus, tufusepro, and Combine
ZP. I downloaded Helicon Focus several months ago. It worked well,
but soon it reverted to putting a watermark on the results...OK,
let's just purchase it...oops, $30 for 1 year and $115 for
lifetime...that seems a bit steep for a very specialized program that
I'd only use occasionally.

So what else is available?

Found tufuse and tufusepro by Max Lyons. Tried it. It didn't
compensate for FL changes of macro lens as it's focused! It also does
exposure blending, but I haven't tried that yet. tufusepro is free.

Found Combine ZP by Alan Hadley. I had an earlier version of Combine
Z that was worthless to was specifically intended for
microscopy and didn't seem to work well with macrophotography for
some reason. But this appears to be a new version. In fact, Combine Z
has been extensively changed since my last look. It worked really
well! And Combine ZP is free.

Here is a comparison of these software products:

For some reason, Helicon Focus lightens the result a bit...Combine ZP
did it better.

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