Is Olympus limiting my creativity????

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Re: I think he is just a teaser...

olyflyer wrote:

...besides, personally I don't regard the D700 a pro camera, more
like the entry level of FF. It certainly doesn't feel like as robust
as the D300 or the D3.

I don't think the difference is that big in real use. The lid covering the contacts may seem a bit flimsy and I've read about people using duct tape to seal it shut, but I never had any problems with it, neither did I ever experience any issues with the simple pull design of the CF card door. The camera worked well enough down to -20 degrees celcius and seems to be just as splash proof as the E-3... So, certainly pro quality.

But yes, I agree... For all the talk of Olympus fanboys, there's certainly a lot of FF fanboyism going on. I suppose if you invest $5000 or more in a a system that will basically only produce better images in a very limited amount of situations, you have to justify that somehow...

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