Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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LordNikon009 wrote:


To add to this, I have had many clients asking by name for Canon 5D
Mark II users, they hear the hype about the camera and its
capabilities and say "hey do you have that new 5d Mark II that can
also do 1080p video? We would like to go on a 4 days shoot and get
stills and some high quality video for a project." So of course I
pick up a 5d Mark II because that lands me some pretty nice jobs
right off the bat. I have had friends tell me the same thing.

Seriously, get off it ! If you want to deliver good quality video (1080p or other) that a customer is willing to pay for, you're not going to have the same ease of operation as you would have with an entry-level 1080p video camera, and that by a million miles (quality of the view finder, view finder fixed, no auto focus, no auto exposure when lighting changes during the shot, WB changes clumsy, recording time, etc.)

As stated by others in this thread, this is more of a gear head discussion than that of real life pro photographers.

BTW, the current resolution of the sensors is a serious challenge to the glass you put on the body, and in many cases better than the resolution we got from film 5-7 years ago. Back then, if you needed it to be 110% sharp, you went for mid size or large format for less $$ than the top 1Ds mkIII today.

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