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Re: Best Kit Lens out there

Bele wrote:

I'm considering getting the D5000 as a light travel camera, once it
hits the streets. In your opinion which would be the best kit lens
available today.

I'll have more to say on this soon, as I just got done testing all the consumer DX lenses side-by-side. But the 18-55mm VR and 18-105mm VR both test out very, very well. The older 18-70mm still really only has one true fault (vignetting). The 18-135mm is sharp at the expense of chromatic aberration, but that's mostly a correctable fault. The weakest performer is the 18-200mm, though it isn't enough behind the others to really get worried about. I'd say get what you want, but if you want the 18-200mm, make sure that it really suffices at what you need it to do (remember, it loses focal length as you focus closer, and because it has an optical center that moves considerably, tubes and CU lenses don't really work on it well).

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