Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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Re: No wonder I took a break from posting

fma wrote:

I’m with you. I stopped coming to this forum as much because of the
‘gear geeks’. I got my 5D at the end of last year, again as a
bargain and it is fantastic. I can’t wait for the 1D Mark III
replacement to come out and all the ‘gear geeks’ to rush out and buy
it so I can get myself I nice cheap ‘museum piece’ to replace my 30D
for wildlife.

Don't worry about what others say, there's still some of us who
simply enjoy photography for what it is.

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I'm a bit of a "gear geek" myself, but it's the brand fanatics or "fanboys" that makes me show up here less and less. I'm just as thrilled about new stuff from Nikon and Sony as I am with what Canon comes up with. New features from any manufacturer gives us all better gear down the line. I just wish they would stop converting our DSLR's into videocameras, I have no interest in video whatsoever, if I did, I'd buy a better videocamera.

I also got a great deal on a brand new 5D, and if it belongs in a museum, so does the MKII, because at the same ISO's, theres very little difference to see in the images between the original and MKII, even at ISO 3200. A recent large and very well made comparison review on Norways largest photo website showed this clearly. It also showed that shots from the 5D most of the time is a bit sharper than the MKII shots @ 100% view, and also that this makes no difference at all in normal sized prints.

I advice you to do what I did, I got a really great deal on a 1D MKII last year. It came from a newspaper, but it was fully serviced and had a brand new shutter. Save yourself the AF and ERR99 problems of the MKIII. The MKII has AFAIK no known faults and weaknesses, spectacular AF and great IQ at reasonable ISO. It's also much cheaper than a used MKIII will be.

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