What is the point going full frame if not going bigger than 13x19?

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Go for 5DMKII, test the RAW

I have done a series of test, comparing the RAW from all cameras and the difference
is noticeable with the same class of lens.

If I have to compare the 5DMKII with 40D, I could get even at low resolution:

One think: I don't need the use of teles.


  • Color rendition

  • Microcontrast

  • Image contrast in general

  • Cropping

  • DoF

  • Wide angles


  • AF

  • Heavy

  • Need much space on your hard.

It depends on personal choice and money but at this point any camera could fit your needs.


rickso wrote:

I really wanted to buy a 5D mark 11 but most people are telling me
including Canon that up to 13x19 prints there is not much difference
between that and a 40 or 50D , I really want to get a 5D along with
my 40D ,help me justify it,
where am I going wrong?

Thanks for your help

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