Do you shoot using the Live View function

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Tried it...

I've tried it a few times, but unless I'm missing something, you press the shutter release down halfway to get the view...then you press it again all the way down to make it focus and take the photo. It just seems a little weird to me the way it works and it causes me to wonder what's going on since the screen goes dark while it's focusing and taking the photo. I'd like it better if I could press half way down to get the view and the focus, then a final press to take the photo. It works fine, it just throws me off with the way it works so I find myself not using it. If it worked more like a point and shoot in that live view mode, that would be better....constant live half way to focus (live view still on screen) then final press all the way down to take the picture...then automatically return to live view. That would be better.

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