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Re: side-hinge is better

h2k wrote:

Hello, without a swivel lcd, i feel, a camera is not even real

How odd, so I wonder what I've been using since '00 if they're not digital SLRs.

I've been using side-hinging lcds a lot (like on Pana G1,
GH1, newer Olympus-DSLRs or Canon P&Ss; not like Sony Alpha 300/350).

I think side-hinging is much better, at least in my case: Mostly i
really press the camera on the ground to get the lowest angle
possible, which gives the most impressive point of view or is simply
most convenient. I press the camera onto grass, sand, stones,
floors, tables or hold it just millimeters above water level.

A down -hinging lcd would just be disturbing in those cases (yes, it
can be folded to a 90° angle, parallel to the ground, but still a
side hinger would be much more convenient). Sometimes i also use the
swivel lcd to shoot "around the corner" and unnoticed by others. I
imagine this would be more complicated with the Nikon style swivel.

One small pro i see for down-hingers: It is i guess easier to get an
even horizon. A side-hinger mostly stands off in all odd angles. And
even if you use live view grid lines to align horizon, it is very
easy to get falling horizons.

At very first notice, i was quite excited to see a Nikon SLR with
swivel lcd - there is so much more choice for the Nikon system than
say for Olympus or Panasonic Micro 4/3. But thinking about it for a
moment, i must say that this Nikon implementation seems less useful.
I'll let it pass.

Anyway, it is still the ole' mirror box construction, so obsolete. I
deeply wish that Canon comes out with straight competition for Pana's
G1, GH1 - i.e. a changeable lens camera without mirror box, and a
whole range of lenses, and third party lenses too - and a side
hinging swivel lcd of course!

I don't even need an elaborated EVF. Once i got used to live view on
a fold out monitor, years ago, i can't imaging pressing lumps of far
eastern plastic against my sensitive face dermatology any more. In
about 0,1 percent of all situations the VF may be needed because it
is too bright outside for a live view lcd, but no more.

I can't imagine holding a DSLR with a 100-400mm zoom out in front of me to frame and track a shot of a bird in flight. A live view has its uses, but not 100% of the time for me. If you always shoot on a tripod or static subjects at short focal lengths, I guess that works.


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