Do you shoot using the Live View function

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Re: a question to those who said "never"....

I didn't say never but.....I have not tried it but after reading this thread I AM going to give it a go!
thanks for the ideas!

gmosc wrote:
These forums are often a futility in preaching to the converted. So I
can imagine that none of you will say that you learned something from
this thread but I'll try anyway.

For anyone who said "never" Did you learn anything new from the
people here who listed some ideas? Will you consider using live view
for any of those purposes?

It would be refreshing to hear that at least one of you learned
something from other fellow photographers. I have a feeling that we
are all stuck in our ways and we sort of troll these forums to find
some fresh blood to pass our habits on to, but as for learning from
each other, I sort of doubt it. (Please, somebody, prove me wrong).

Guy Moscoso

vincent_ph wrote:

I've been using my D700 for 2 months now, and haven't used it once,
I'm just thinking how useful has this feature been to you? I am an
event photographer by the way specializing in weddings.

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