Should I risk a microdrive?

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Re: Should I risk a microdrive?

I oredered a 1G and received it two days before leaving for Alaska: the trip of my lifetime, if I may say. I dropped it on concrete... felt like a lightning struck me (my own stupidity). I still use it, it survived the fall. It worked just fine during the entire trip, even in the helicopter... some said it might fail there due to the strong vibration. Well, it writes faster than some CF cards, but reads slower. It was nice to know though thatI have 376 shots to go at FINE setting before downloading anything.


Craig Brown wrote:

I'm ordering a 7i later this week to take on vacation next week.
I'd like to get a Microdrive but am worried that it would fail
while on vacation. I would not be nervous it I had used it for a
while before going on vacation since (in my experience) if a hard
disk is going to fail it does so in the first few weeks.

Should I risk it? I need the storage and couldn't afford to get
that much flash storage.

Most of the people in this forum have had good experiences with
Microdrives, have you read anything (recently) in other forums?



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