Do you shoot using the Live View function

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Re: Definitely for improving focus and comfort

Whilst I have said that it has no value for me, I appreciate that there are those who find it is useful when shooting from tripods for architectural and static/stable fields. I think I can see how LV is of use; just not what I do/have done.

So whilst there is a function I do not rate, there are those that do. A matter of choice which it is good to have.

I have put in a Type E screen. With the D200 lines were switchable, always on and mentally/optically on/off for me.

Hell. Never said I was God. I could not believe Nikon actually produced a camera just for me and it is good to see that other folk can get something out of it that I do not !


All comments are purely personal and generally based on my experience, I may well be wrong.

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