60D potentials - here's what would make me buy. You?

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60D potentials - here's what would make me buy. You?

In another thread, a poster suggested the following list as a "7D" rumor, which I take to actually mean 60D, as the odds of the line changing to 7D seem to hover about zero as far as I can figure:

o 18.1mp
o New 13 Point AF
o 1080p Movie Mode
o 8fps
o 3.2” VGA LCD
o 99.9% VF
o New Battery
o Weathersealing
o Ergonomic Upgrades
o 1x Compact Flash and 1x Secure Digital Slots

To which I thought.... wow... not one single thing on that "7D" rumor list that would move me to part with money - or make me move from my 50D.

I'm sure the OP's rumor list is totally imaginary, as is the change from 60D to 7D, but it's interesting to me that this list, constructed out of what the OP apparently thought of as "desirable" characteristics, would leave me utterly cold.

I hope Canon has more of a feel for what I want than the OP, or I guess I'll be waiting (at least) another year. Here are my various "gotta buy" triggers:

o High ISO RAW pattern noise / Banding fixed = buy - the 50D's greatest problem
o Lower RAW random noise = buy [even if it meant lower resolution]
o Higher ISO = buy [even if it meant lower resolution] 102400 would be good.
o Built-in GPS = buy
o Internal IS for unstab lenses = buy
o IR capability via filter flipping = buy
o Frame cumulative LCD brightness emulation for long exposures = buy
o Focus bracketing = buy

Totally uninterested in, will not be moved by:

o more megapixels / spatial rez in APS-C format. 15 is good. Really. Stop now.
o video of any kind
o changes to the LCD past the 50D's great one (other than lower power)
o AF changes (other than better low light performance)
o Higher speed frame rates
o losing any more of the C modes (in fact, can I have C3 back?)
o "weatherproofing"
o ergonomic changes

Would consider any of these a "do not buy signal":

o new battery requirement (I have many $ invested in batteries)
o any reduction in ISO capability or forcing of noise reduction
o loss of CF capability (again, big investment in cards. Not ready to dump em)
o any requirement for new lenses or inability to use EF-S lenses

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