Lumix LX3 Best Compact?

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John I can't thank you enough for your patience in responding to my questions and thoughful answers provided.

John Bean (UK) wrote:

safaridon wrote:

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I was basing the above assumptions entirely on the actual focal
lengths used on Pentax 750Z a few years back 187mm with F4.6 as well
as on Olympus C7000 of similar focal length and speed but they has
only F2.8 37mm at wide angle end so do not know what effect that
would have trying to extend down to 24mm range?

Dramatic. The combination of a large(ish) sensor, 24mm equivalent and
f/2 is the killer of keeping a lens small. It's remarkable that it's
the size it is now despite the lack of extended zoom.

It really isn't that simple, the change of size of a complex lens to

achieve an extra stop isn't linear; - .... the difference is huge, The affect on a zoom lens is even greater

don't you think that Panasonic designers would have considered this? It probably stopped at 60nn equivalent for practical reasons

--I can only conclude that it may be very hard to improve much on the LX3 for what it does and that is very small wide and fast zoom, a ideal compact match to existing larger DSLR systems and likely to remain a classic for a long time.

That brings me back full circle to where I originally started in my thread of about 3 days ago entitled "Potential future LX with m4/3rds mount lens". In that I proposed a new LX 1/1.6" sensor model with existing zoom lens range modified or redesigned to fit on m4/3 mount. To cover the range beyond the existing lens would come from fitting either m4/3 lenses with full AF or legacy lenses with MF as does the G1.

The 20/1.7 lens would become a tiny 90mm F1.7 portrait lens while small legacy 50/1.7 lens would become fast 225 F1.7 tele and the 45 F2.8 macro would become a 200/2.8, and 45-150 Oly a small 200-675/F5.6 supertele all with contrast auto focus. On the other hand a small legacy 50/1.7 lens from any manufacturer would become a fast 225mm/1.7 and 100/2.8 lens, a superzoom 450mm equivalent at F2.8 with manual focus, all of which could be further extended with EZ zoom!

All of the above could be accomplished by redesign of one existing lens range and a new body sharing the expected new rangefinder type small m4/3 body expected from Pany with EVF but using the LX3 smaller size 10 MP sensor.

A further interesting note is Pany could then easily incorporate in- body IS into that system just as Minolta used in A2 and this would be essential for use with long teles. Also may use slightly smaller high definition viewfinder like A2 to reduce size.

The reason I am confident that this will happen is I can see no other practical way to extend this size sensor use to fast portrait and tele end to take advantage of the low light high ISO performance and minimize overall size of system.

Another reason I think that Pany is already going that route, given the fake renderings of new mini model with interchangeable lens which first were rumored to be the first m4/3 offering, but now possibly the new LX5 for fall of 2010? It could still surface in an enlarged LX body with removable top high def EVF as depicted in the fake rendering.

I believe Pany is focusing on the m4/3 mount, but not necessarily only for 4/3 sensor but also 1/1.6". Such a system could be a powerful attraction to the millions of users from other SLR and DSLR systems to bring new life and potential to their old expensive and quality but now very useful legacy lenses for tele use.

Just my best wishes for future

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