Best Remote Switch for 40D

Started Mar 12, 2009 | Discussions thread
G. Gray
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I have purchased 3 of thes
One for each of my 2 daughters and myself.

For 23 dollars Canadian shipped from Hong Kong and no sales tax a bargain. Takes a week or 10 days and comes by mail. A real bargain and works like a charm. Extra batteries if needed are at your dollar store.

Justme wrote:
I actually saw someone use a Yong Nuo remote and it seems to work
fine. I think it's rated for a long distance and I had the guy stand
across the field and it still fired the shutter. It cost about $30
Cdn. I may pick one up locally.

gamesstate wrote:

Hi everybody,

What do you recommend for a Remote Swictch for a 40D?

Ive heard good reviews of Canon RS-80N3 but Id love to hear your

Tks in advance,

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