Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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Re: one more thing

cityphotographer wrote:

when you say that you shoot professionally then I had to stop and
take a good look at you.
like I did.

  • Like you obviously did not. If you would have checked my web-site, you would have clearly seen who and what am I.

next time don't say that you are a "professional"

  • I'm not saying anything about the quality of my photos - that's for other people to judge. I AM however saying that I am a professional since 1985 in the sense that I AM getting paid for photography assignments since then.

camera and that "sometimes" people (your words, meaning the
professionals I suppose) do carry backups (as far as you know of

  • I never said that, you are misquoting me. What I said was that sometimes people KEEP older model cameras as backups.

but if you say that you are a "pro" then expect my attentions.

  • For the umpteenth time, who are you to judge?

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