Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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you said it better than I did

js20D wrote:

Ha, i thought was funny.

I agree with you any, the Gadgeteer finds any excuse to upgrade.

Not in the photo business myself, but as with most businesses, it is
what your do and the market you target that counts (and the fact that
you are successful at that), not really what tool you use.

If quality was such a big deal for the client, they would probably
use a photographer with some sort of 60Mp medium format digital back
and not even ask about it. They have a common understanding...

Frankly, would you ask your Engineering firm if they use the latest
Autocad version, or just trust them to take care of that bit and
deliver you with innovative ideas and correct drawings.

also because you got my point exactly.

now the new gadgets are fun, I have fun too talking about it, it's our passion after all (and passion is just that.. a passion)

but if I hear that a three years old camera model belongs to a museum because the "clients" want the latest and latest only then I'm afraid that we are talking about something else or the "clients" are not real (invented)

the vast majority of the "clients" don't even know or care. and the few that ask for higher quality sure mean the swedish ones.

5D or 5DII , 1DII or 1DIIn or 1DIII, 1Ds I or II or III mean nuthing to them

so let's keep talking about gadgets and have fun doing it but please let's leave the "clients" to the real professionals (the only ones who actually deal with them)

that said I also believe that the 5D was responsible for driving Canon away from the big studios (studios where Canon entered for the first time ever with the 1Ds cameras): but because of the 5D Canon didn't enlarge the sensor and didn't make a bigger lens mount and 2 or 3 lenses for it. Big mistake: big. Because now hasselblad is able to sell cameras at 30K and up.

After the 5D the only professional use of canon cameras came from the 40,000 sport/PJ/agencies (relying on the 1DII). But then Nikon came out strong and the 1DIII didn't find a good review in Canada and now Canon is losing that segment (as well)

well done, great projection, great marketing. Bravo to Canon. One more step and even Sony is able to compete (and win) at the top and for the same or even less money.

Canon had it all : they produce their own sensors (like sony) but most importantly they produced the first reliable full frame camera (in the 24x36mm class) almost 7 years before the others (not counting Kodak , producing for hasselblad now)

7 years advantage and a precence in the big productions lost.

in the end Canon doesn't have a "pro" mentality. Consumers buy also what they see on TV in the hands of the pros. on TV (granted) but in the medium and long run if they lose the segment there will be no more white lenses (on TV). See how the enthusiasts and advanced amateurs constantly refer to the "pros" ?

oh well

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