Canon 500D vs Nikon D90 - Fair comparison?

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fair enough

Fair enough I guess.

I don't know if the trends are changing but it had always been like this:

Nikon had more features; Canon more affordable; Image Quality drawish.

Canon always had the edge in high ISO rendition until Nikon learned its lesson and changed its CCD sensor to CMOS (both sensors, I think, were made by Sony).

Nikon also crippled a camera's versatile AF so they could go under the rebel's price, resulting into the now classic (or at least cult fave) D40.

Canon of course couldn't take this sitting down: the 1000D series had to be.

So now it's quite even:

1000D = D40-D60
500D = D90
50D = D300
5D = D700
1D series = D300 group
1Ds series = D3X group

For buyers it was always like: If money is not an issue go for Nikon so you can fully enjoy all its camera's features. If you are a little tight on the budget Canon's the way to go as your saved cash could bring in flash and glass.

In terms of glass Canon seems to have the edge. They have a number of sharp affordable primes and quite a catalog of the 70-200mm range. But as the megapixel race heats up this might change. Already some lenses can't seem to keep up with the 15MP APSC sensor and the same could go with FF sensor should it go beyond 21MP.

I think this will bring about the era of what Olympus had been preaching for awhile: the dominance of "digital specific lenses."

But even here I think Canon will still have the edge. Canon already has five above average ef-s lenses. Three are a little expensive while two are super affordable.

Nikon on its part has come up with a 35mm f/2 DX and had always tried to address the "one lens solution" kit. I could be wrong but these one lens solution kits (efficient as they maybe) are more like tourists and newbie baits than a manifestation of a system's serious pursuit of image quality.

If money is not an issue and I didn't give a darn about camera systems, I'd pick the D90 anytime. But if one intends to go deep and/or wide into photography but with a limited budget then one should pick a Canon, any Canon will do.

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