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Re: What is UniWB

Iliah Borg wrote:

the link is to a black
image, is it correct to use this image for the Nikon D3x?


Also where
do I find the linear curve for the Nikon D3x

You can make it easily yourself, it is just a custom curve that runs
straight from the bottom left to upper right. I use Camera Control
for that, "Edit Camera Curves" dialog.

Thanks Iliah,

Ok, so with the black image now downloaded, do I use that as my white balance by putting it on my memory card and using that preset in my D3x?

Secondly, about the curves, my neutral setting already seems to have a linear setting (the line is straight from bottom left to top right already) I take it that I can therefore use that setting?

Thanks for the help, I am looking forward to your answer so that I can try this method of exposure (using the histogram) as opposed to using my hand held spot meter, although It will never replace my spot meter with regards to working out the dynamic range of a scene and giving me figures for determining the grad needed for my landscape work. I do however find it very useful as a second measure, checking the histogram on my camera to confirm my spot meter reading are more or less correct.

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